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What's *lizzie up to?

I've got two works in progress (well, there's really more, but I can only stretch my focus so far and two's enough for now).

First--I'm working on a story that'll be somewhere in between a short story and a novella. Word count is such an interesting concept. This is for Christmas Promise, an Aspen Gold Anthology. The title will have something to do with a snow globe. I think...

My second current wip is Jinger and the Djinn, the next Children of the Triad fantasy romance. Besides doing edits and adding needed scenes I'd skipped over writing the first time around, I'm playing around with cover ideas. I enjoy working with graphics and designing covers. And although I'm far from an expert, using that part of my creativity is relaxing and helps the story ideas simmering on the back burner start to make more sense. My poor brain is a busy place.


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