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What's *lizzie up to?

It's been awhile since I've updated my what I'm up to page, so it's time. 

I've focused a lot of my writing energy lately on the other writerly me: LizAnne Axtel and signed up for too many collaborations with other authors. That's been keeping me busy. However I have been working on my next Aspen Gold tale; Anything For Love. This one is Izzy and Hawke's story. There may be a cameo by the doxies, but featured in this book are a sweet baby goat named Pickles, and lots of kitties. 

I've also been doing some rewriting of one of my older books: Dancing the Stars with hopes of republishing it soon under the series and title Stars of Jirvanta: Niallan. There's a second book in the series that just needs those final edits,  Stars of Jirvanta: Rocc.

There's always more stories crowding my brain, and I promise to be focused and creative to get more of them to you without long delays. 

Make sure to check out LizAnne if you're interested in short, hot stories with happy endings! 


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