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The Keltic Multiverse: Double Keltic Triad 3

What does she need to believe in love?


Even as a mythical faerie, Nanceen doesn’t believe in the legends of tiny winged fey. Until a soft voice compels her to search… for love. She doesn’t know what she believes but what she discovers changes everything.

Korin Goodfellow has loved the gentry maid from afar. But showing himself to her is forbidden by the fairy king, until using deceptions hidden by dark plans, the king forces Korin into an agreement with seemingly impossible conditions. Fueled by his pure emotions, Korin appears to Nanceen as a wingless man. One she can see. Touch. Believe in.

The evil fairy king keeps Korin’s heritage hidden, warping the conditions to force Korin into battle after battle until he discovers his true place in the fairy world. Will Nanceen stand at his side as he risks everything for love?

Keltic Flight

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