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The Keltic Multiverse: Double Keltic Triad 1

keltic multiverse.png

By Keltic Design

It ain’t easy to be fey when you don’t believe in fairy tales.


In the fey Otherworld, a half-faerie child is born. To protect him from evil’s crusade to ensure the purity of the faerie race, he is abandoned in the human world, never to know of his magical heritage.

Now Jaye Zeroun is a successful businessman, rooted in reality. Fantasy is only something from an undisciplined imagination. Until he meets Celtic artist and friend of Faerie, Allyn Keeley.

Allyn has found the man she can love but fears their age difference and the overwhelming task of helping him realize his destiny will tear them apart. But Allyn knots her way around Jaye’s heart and fills his life with a fantasy he refuses to believe.

Until danger threatens their love, forcing him to either accept a deadly battle or lose the very things he never planned for in his life’ a family and a love beyond his wildest imaginings.

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