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Double Moon Destiny


On the night of the Double Moon a child is born, and the destinies of an acolyte and a rebel are changed forever.

Jermanah, acolyte of the religious Compound, has never been given the opportunity to make her own choices. Although she accepts her way of life and yearns to rise higher in the order, she learns ancient, forbidden healing from the Seer. On the night of the Double Moons, a child is born and given into Jermanah’s care until the boy is taken to the king.

Kierigh was born moments before the rising of the Double Moons, but his twin brother wasn’t so lucky. Rumors flow from the Stronghold—following an ancient prophecy, the king sacrifices the baby boys to increase his power. But Kierigh senses that even after five cycles, his brother still lives.

When Kierigh’s rebels attack the procession, he takes the babe, and Jermanah, to his hidden camp. The captivating acolyte disrupts Kierigh’s ordered and simple life. He opposes her religion and all the Compound claims to stand for. She’s everything he doesn’t need in his life. Yet she is everything he desires.

No longer considering herself one of the Compound, Jermanah discovers freedom, and truths she finds difficult to believe. But when the babe is taken from the forest, she will do anything to save the child, including face the leader of the Compound—and the king.

Can a rebel and an acolyte set aside pride and differences to find a lost brother, defeat evil, and discover their prophecy fulfilling destinies?

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