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The Keltic Multiverse

(Author’s note: The action of the book Prince of Dark Ness takes place between Triad books 5 and 6. While it’s not necessary to read Prince of Dark Ness here, it does give background into Lucidea’s life prior to meeting Jaysson.)

An ill-prepared Alfar-Sindhu prince struggles to protect two worlds from an ancient fire elemental.

Torn between duty and love, Morghan stands alone to protect both his Alfar-Sindhu underwater world and humanity from an ancient fire elemental bent on escaping the World Between Worlds. While he’s loved Coralie long upon long, he never acted on his desire.

Raised in the royal household, Coralie has remained steadfast at Morghan’s side through long human years. She’s hidden her true feeling for him, even from herself.

A forensic artist from America, Lucidea Galvagin travels to Scotland to determine the identity of a skull found on Morghan’s land. What she discovers changes her life and possibly the fate of two worlds.

Will Morghan’s two worlds be lost if he chooses family and Coralie over battle? Or will his actions doom a multiverse of worlds to fiery destruction?

Prince of Dark Ness

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