A little bit about *lizzie starr

About _lizzie

*lizzie always made up games and stories to keep her company. So, a cunning witch lived in Grampa's weather research station and was only held at bay by waving a certain weed. An ancient road grader morphed into a boat carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with fierce lions and dangerous cannibals, which really looked a lot like sheep. 

Now filled with fantasy, love, and romance with a sparkling twist, the stories of her imagination swirl their way into the mundane world.

When *lizzie must return to a more routine life, she's *the Lunch Lady* at a private school. And according to the kids, she's 'the best cooker!'

Author and lunch lady~~what a combination!

So, how much do you really want to know about me?


I've lived:

  • on a farm

  • on a sheep ranch with NO plumbing

  • in central Nebraska

  • in the Mile-High City

  • at the epi-center of Husker Nation (for non-college, American-style football folks, that's Lincoln, Nebraska)


How I've earned my keep:

  • if it's in a kitchen, I've probably done it

  • paralegal, office manager, nursing assistant

Passions—in no particular order

  • family and friends

  • smiles and laughter

  • dachshunds

  • dragons

  • chocolate

  • writing

  • cryptozoology

  • the moon, stars and beauty of space

  • fantasy

  • romance

  • sharing the joy of creativity

  • odd and amazing facts

  • chocolate (yep, it bears repeating!)

  • movies

  • life's amazing journey

  • ancient history

  • making lists

  • I'm gonna stop now—this list could go on forever!



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