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Now Free, Forever Free

I’ve made the first books of two series permanently free for your reading enjoyment.

The Double Keltic Triad starts with By Keltic Design and At Death’s Gates begins with Dead Lily Blooms. Click on the titles for the download links.

A Short Tale from The Keltic Universe

Candy Guy and the Chocolate Brownie

Candy Guy is in trouble. Winning a design contest will prove hisCandy Guy 300x450 abilities as a chocolatier, but creativity eludes him. An enchanting intruder invades Trace’s workspace. She may be real, or she might be a dream. It doesn’t matter. Desire consumes him at her lingering touch and the deep chocolate flavor of her kiss.

Deleesi hopes to end the ancient fey curse haunting her family, but the handsome wisher defies her sleep-inducing magic. Something in this human calls to her soul, and, unbelievably, to her heart. The sensual distraction proves impossible to ignore, even while granting his unspoken wish.

By the end of the rainy afternoon, Trace has his inspiration. But will he ever again see the tiny woman who captivated his heart and became his muse?

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Written In Stone

A Near-Future short romance


While undercover, Stone Mason must find a data-link before a destructive demonstration and Monika discovers the sex-struct searching her room. Will working with the sexy agent be dangerous for her heart?

 Undercover agent Stone Mason must find a data-link before a demonstration for underground bidders leads to mass destruction. His search of a posh hotel is risky, but time is up.

Monika Linberg returns to her hotel room after her boss dumps her and assumes the striking, robotic sex-struct is her consolation prize.

Stone is no construct, but a living, breathing man whose touch and need for information and assistance turn her world upside down. Will working with the sexy agent to keep the city safe be too dangerous for her heart?

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